New Media Advocacy Project

The New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) combines legal expertise with cutting edge communication tools to strengthen human rights and social justice work.  We help advocates throughout the world tell their stories in more compelling and powerful ways—to tip the balance in the toughest cases and campaigns.

Human rights advocates and social entrepreneurs face enormous challenges:  deeply entrenched social issues, over-resourced opponents and competitors, as well as hostile or risk-averse courts, legislatures, and funders.  This equation means the usual tools are not enough.  N-Map uses advocates' greatest tool—their stories—to help meet those challenges. Our innovative mix of legal and media knowledge helps to bring those stories to life, and to use them effectively in courtrooms, legislatures, and communities.


See some recent examples of our work below, and contact us to learn more about what we do.

Helping 49 Families Fight For Justice

On June 5th 2009, 49 children lost their lives when a daycare caught fire in Hermosillo, Mexico. It was not an accident. The nursery first resulted from corruption and government neglect. Six years have passed and the Mexican government has failed to investigate a single person implicated in the Guaderia ABC tragedy or the government agencies that oversee the national daycare program. 

Unable to find justice within their own country, the families organized as the Movimiento 5 de Junio and brought their case to the IACHR. Our video, designed specifically for the admissibility hearing, uses the voices of these 49 families to speak directly to the commissioners and demand that the court intervene. To further pressure the IACHR, our partners created an Avaaz petition to show civil society’s support for the case. The petition earned over 28,000 signatures in Mexico and just launched globally–add your support now! 

Giving Brooklyn’s Low-Income Individuals a Chance in Court

The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund is an innovative remedy to the broken bail system in New York. The fund posts bail for misdemeanor defendants they are confident will return to court so defendants have the opportunity to fight their case, assist with their defense, and avoid pleading guilty just to go home. N-Map worked with the Bail Fund to vividly show the human cost of New York’s broken bail system. Avoiding an overly technical explanation, our video aims to illustrate through powerful first person stories that we have two justice systems in New York: one for those with means and one for the poor.

Water at the Foot of the Volcano

The watershed of the Amecameca and La Compañía rivers spans a region covering 11 municipalities of the State of Mexico. About 40% of Mexico City’s water comes from this very basin; however, overuse and mismanagement inflicted drastic effects on the environment and its inhabitants: from desertification and pollution to sinkholes and water shortages. 

Thankfully, there is a strategy to promote sustainability in this area: the Plan Hídrico. Developed by scientists, academics, and community members, the Plan Hídrico advises for sustainable solutions like building filtration wells to prevent further water loss and protecting forest areas to retain water. This film—produced in partnership with Controla Tu Gobierno and the Comisión—plans to translate the Plan Hídrico into political change. Our partners will use the video as an advocacy tool to encourage their communities and policy makers to adopt the Plan.