New Media Advocacy Project

The New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map) combines legal expertise with cutting edge communication tools to strengthen human rights and social justice work.  We help advocates throughout the world tell their stories in more compelling and powerful ways—to tip the balance in the toughest cases and campaigns.

Human rights advocates and social entrepreneurs face enormous challenges:  deeply entrenched social issues, over-resourced opponents and competitors, as well as hostile or risk-averse courts, legislatures, and funders.  This equation means the usual tools are not enough.  N-Map uses advocates' greatest tool—their stories—to help meet those challenges. Our innovative mix of legal and media knowledge helps to bring those stories to life, and to use them effectively in courtrooms, legislatures, communities, and the public.


See some recent examples of our work below, and contact us to learn more about what we do.

Protecting Property Rights in Georgia

From 2004 to 2012, the Georgian government undertook a series of economic development projects intended to improve infrastructure, encourage investment, and boost the country’s capacity for tourism. In order to complete many of these projects, the authorities illegally expropriated private property and refused to provide compensation for the property owners. Approximately 12,000 families were affected, and they all await justice. N-Map produced a short documentary with Transparency International –Georgia, profiling two of the land-owners who lost their farms. The goal of the piece is to force policy-makers to provide remedies for affected property owners and adopt legislative amendments that ensure greater legal protection for property rights.

Silence Interrupted: Gender Violence in Armenia

Armenia faces a severe crisis of widespread violence against women and children. Due to the cultural and safety concerns of reporting violence, many women do not report violence and are often stigmatized for doing so.  As a result, the Armenian government is able to deny the problem.  Furthermore, Armenia currently has weak domestic violence laws and no law addressing sexual violence.  Encouraging reporting and greater awareness of the problem is the first step to legislative advocacy and legal enforcement.

In June 2012, N-Map worked with the Women’s Resource Center of Armenia and the Women’s Support Center to develop this film encouraging reporting and self-identification of survivors of gender based violence in Armenia.

Armenian Version:

Defending the Right to Counsel in the United States

In 1963, the Supreme Court, in Gideon v Wainwright, ruled that every criminal defendant is entitled to a lawyer. 50 years later, the United States has not lived up to the great promise of the Gideon case. Although there are many dedicated, talented, and tireless defense lawyers working heroically in challenging conditions, the overall system has failed profoundly to provide adequate counsel for many defendants.

N-Map produced this short documentary for our wonderful client, the Constitution Project, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gideon and to illuminate the current state of public defender systems. The goal of the piece is to commemorate Gideon’s case, and show the long road ahead in fixing our broken criminal justice system. The film had its first screening at the Department of Justice, introduced by Attorney General Eric Holder, and will be screened at numerous venues around the country.